Annual Product Quality Review?

why APQR is prepared, what is the exact answer, as i know for Review of consistency of products includes Change control, deviation, market complaints, etc

yes, you are right that is the purpose of the APQR

Is there any one can provide manufacturing investigation procedure for pharmaceutical formulations.
Outline format that contains investigation procedure.

exact purpose of APQR is to improve the process through the conclusion of APQR (like process optimization / scale up etc.,)

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To monitor the product trend data with the all details of qms

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Sir i want format of APQR

sir, do you have any template report of annual product review, i never seen before? hope dont mind to share?

not only QMS documents for Annual product Quality Review how many products are completed in that period and how many problems you phased and moreover how you addressed through QMS with Proper justification and what about your product Quality and how much percentage of yield your providing. how many audits you phased what are the customer or regulatory people are given major observations and how you addressed and moreover how you can able to prevent the such type errors in our premises how we are going to improve Quality wise compare to this year to next year. these points and all will discuss in Annual Product Quality Review meeting.

and moreover there is no specific format for this we have explain normally as per your company procedures. Presentations wise in the sense it will be Good to understanding the procedure to every one.