Anayltical Development Department(ADL)

I am a Btech Biotechnologist with one year experience in Biotech API Company as a QC Chemist. I was independently handling HPLC & GC. Now I want to change job and I am confused which department I should choose.QC or ADL.which dept has better scope for me ?

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In pharmaceutical job generally in QC and QA, qualification doesn’t matter a lot, the thing matter is your experience and hard work. ADL can pay better at start but QC and QA has more options and opportunities. Further it depends upon your interest that has main role in achieving the success.
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Thankyou for the quick response sir. Also I wanted to know that if I opt for ADL is it possible for me to switch to QC and I am not considered as a fresher their?

Upon switch back to QC your ADL experience shall be considered.

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Sir i have been selected in lupin…i wnted to do QC frm starting but now …i m getting ADL dept…is it ok fr me to go…

As in ADL department you have to develop the methods used in QC department. And as per QC department you have to just follow the set methods. So as per learning purpose ADL department is the best way to start up and after getting 1 or 2 years of experience in method development you can switch either in QC or QA.