Alu Alu packing

What is full form of Alu Alu packing

Alu Alu packing means "Aluminum- Aluminum blister packing’ of tablets, and capsules. The cold forming blister is produced under clean and hygienic conditions and processed in the controlled environment in compliance with GMP requirements that ensures top-grade quality, fracture-free cavity and de-lamination resistance for the longer run.
This type of packing involves no heat sealing treatment in the blister packing machine. It is just sealing of two Aluminum foils (coated from inside with sealent) by applying pressure at room temperature. This type of packing is used for drug products which are heat sensitive (thermolabile) and degrade at high temperature (unstable), for example Amoxicillin capsules, Cloxacillin and Potassium clavulanate capsules.

Benefits of Alu Alu packing (Cold forming blister)

  • Best for the drugs packaging that require big cavity
  • Suitable for the drugs packing in tropical and wet regions
  • The silver white luster looks good and increase appeal
  • The proven performance lowers the risks to drugs packaging
  • Improve the pharmaceutical drugs’ shelf-life (stability) with optimal protection from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
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