Air velocity of terminal hepa

What is the limit of air velocity for terminal HEPA of aseptic room.

Air velocity of HEPA in clean room should be 60-90 FPM.

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Air velocity of LAF should be 90±20% feet/min as per USFDA guideline.but air velocity of supply air for room will depend on surface area of filter and required ACPH and air velocity of hepa filter for hot zone of depyrogenating tunnel
be 150 to 200 feet/min.

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Mr Manoj Singh

Your ? is for Aseptic Room ( Terminal HEPA)

Then why LAF & Tunnel



Is any limit for velocity of terminal hepa of aseptic room .

Many criteria to validate like air changes , particle count , room pressure .

Air velocity may vary industry to industry depends on use.
Rated capacity to take in consideration.
Media fill run to take to validate facility.