Air changes per hour (ACPH)

What is ACPH limits according to A,B,C,D class.?

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What is the importance of acph?

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it help to maintaine area.
Proper ventilation.
And circulation of air.
Remove dust etc in case of OSD.

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It is really important to have and maintain the required classification inside the clean-rooms.
For example Classification of ISO 5 or ISO 8 are different and is utmost important to follow.


ACPH is very important i pharmaceuticals to properly maintain the sterile and non sterile area. removes the particle from the area. It fulfill the ISO requirement.

hi everyone, let tell me air exchange limits according to A,B,C,D class. I did not see it in the GMP Annex 1 or ISO 14644-1.
I saw it in reference sites. But it is true or not, i dont know.
Many thanks