Air changes n cfm

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how to calculate cfm and air changes?

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Average velocity (V) = --------------------------- = _______Ft. / min.
Area of grill (A) = Length in ft. X Breadth in ft. = ________ Sq. Ft.
Air flow per grill (F) = V X A = ________CFM.
Air flow of the Room (T) = ___________CFM
Room Volume ® = __________Cu. Ft.
T X 60
No. of Air Changes / hour (ACPH) (N) = ----------

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thanku sir for your valuable reply

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well come

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What is cfm & its significance?

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cfm is cubic feet per min.
blower cacacity of AHU is in cfm which then decides air changes.

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Is this equation to calculate dryer air or atmosphere air?

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AHU air

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