Adjusting parameters for cleaning

Hi everyone :slight_smile: how to optimize the cleaning emptying recipe (draing or vidange if you want ) to allow complete evacuation of the product (product which sticks and remains after cleaning) on ​​which parameters can be adjusted ?? thanks :slight_smile: .

This will be a part of Cleaning optimization studies. For each major piece, you will have to carry out cleaning optimization before finalizing its cleaning SOP. This would involve the following aspects,

  • Collection of swab samples from different corners of equipment considering most difficult to clean at different time intervals during the cleaning process which is to be standardized.
  • Analyse the swab samples and assess cleaning effectiveness.
  • Quantify the solvents used during cleaning operations including cleaning agents used, if any.
  • Specify dismantling and reassembling procedures of each piece/accessories of that equipment
  • Specify how to clean each part of the equipment (after dismantling)
  • Co-relate the data as above with Acceptance criteria
  • Determine Analytical recovery factors for each type of MOC of equipment to be cleaned
  • Conduct Analytical method validation of swab and rinse samples analysis before conducting cleaning validation
  • Also consider the aspect of “Visually clean” and train the workmen on this aspect.
  • How to use torchlight and stick with a mirror to check visually those parts of equipment that are difficult to clean.
  • Establish the Cleaning process (What is the endpoint of cleaning?)
  • Assess the entire cleaning process through cleaning validation.
  • And only then finalize the SOP/recipe of equipment cleaning.
  • Similar strategy should be followed for the CIP process (Cleaning Automation)
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