A.R numbering system in IM/API

A.R numbering system is based on batch. Same batch we are doing again sampling new AR no or same,
X batch we are doing different methods it’s Ar.no same or different.
One finished batch how many times we have to do the sampling. No OOS/deviation.

X batch tested and released , for additional customer we need to test , We can consumed reserve sample over, or we can go to sampling.

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  1. A.R numbers should be different for each sample.
  2. As per sampling procedure, appro. 200 gm of sample to be collected and divide into 2 parts. One part is for analysis and another one is for retain sample.
  3. If you want reanalyze the same batch as per customer specifications, then proceed as per point no. 2
  4. Different A.R no.s to be allowed for each sample analysis…
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