70% ehonal and ipa

can we use the 70% IPA and ethanol used in the pharma areas for cleaning and how to prepare the validation protocol (dilutions and procedure)

any disadvantages used in 70%IPA and ethanol in the pharma area

70% IPA and ethanol used in pharma as surface disinfectant only

Dear All,
To include ethanol as additional sanitizing agent .

  1. Is it required to conduct disinfectant validation for Ethanol as well, however IPA disinfectant validation is available!!
  2. What is the impact in exiting cleaning and sanitization process of area and equipment?
  3. If required validation what are the concentrations. to be used ?
  4. What frequency the disinfectants shall be rotated, how to establish?
  5. Ideally in general how many days filtered disinfectant can be used, although need study!!


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