Storage of Documents

Sir, can you tell me a manner on how to store Manufacturing Records for one year?
According to the batch, to the alphabetical order or to pharmaceutical forms,?
What is the most frequent way to do it?

Generally, documents are stored together by their category as qualification documents, validation documents, BMRs, Master SOPs etc.

No, I was talking only about the BMRs.
According to what order they should be stored?

I think batch wise storage is a better option.

Month wise storage of BMR is preferred in Mfg. Unit according to a series of batch numbers…

like if 50 products manufactured in the month of May-2017, then it will kept in separately and label as
BMR MAY-2017. .

series wise batch number 01, 02, 03, 04, … and so on.

I prefered the Alphabetical order, because the same products of the same pharmaceutical form are together.
And than, in batch order.

Batch number wise storage is better way

Alphabetically and batch no. Wise

What you mean with this, please?

What is Wise storage? What, if the batches of a medicinal product are in a reduced number?