Self inspections should be conducted in order to monitor the implementation and
compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice principles and to propose necessary
corrective measures.
1 Personnel matters, premises, equipment, documentation, production, quality control,
distribution of the medicinal products, arrangements for dealing with complaints and
recalls, and self inspection, should be examined at intervals following a pre-arranged
programme in order to verify their conformity with the principles of Quality Assurance.
2 Self inspections should be conducted in an independent and detailed way by designated
competent person(s) from the company. Independent audits by external experts may also be
3 All self inspections should be recorded. Reports should contain all the observations made
during the inspections and, where applicable, proposals for corrective measures.
Statements on the actions subsequently taken should also be recorded.


If auditor will ask to show the self inspection audit report,
Did you show to them?

Yes, you can show them with proper rectification and justification of any observation.

Ideally I think No just confirm

what will you do if auditor want to see self audit report?