Particle counter

For counting particle in a class D Area with particle counter having capacity of 1 CFM how much time is req to run counter to take a air sample for reading?

Sir please tell me about scraps off in tablet compression

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scrap off blades or plates are attached to feeder to remove exrta powder after weight adjustment.
its also called scraper or tail over die.same like swipe off blade with wich tab strike n directed to discharging shout.


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Particles are counted in 1 cubic meter of air in any of the classified areas.
1 cubic meter = 35.3 cubic feet
if counter capacity is 1 CFM then you need to run it for 35 min and 18 seconds.

its common practice that people run it for 1 min why?

We take sample of 1 cubic feet air (for 1 min) and then multiply it with 35.3 to convert it to 1 cubic meter.

but its not multiplied bcz counter give print out of the reading running for 1 min

2 min for class D

Instrument may have inbuilt calculation.
please check user’s manual.