Particle counter

what is the capacity of particle counter?
How much volume of air is required to filter to count accurate particle no in ISO class 8?

The capacity depends on the type of counter used, refer to counter manual or specifications.
Volume required and why refer to ISO14644.

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capacity may differ counter to counter
eg 1CFM 50 LPM 100LPM
but vol of air remain same 1m³ or 1000 liter

Vs = (20/29300)*1000 liters (again, refer to par A 4.4 of ISO14644)
Capacity of the counter is determining factor for sampling time. Vs/ capacity = sampling time
also Vmin = 2 L, minimum sample time = 1 min per location, all sample volumes at all sample locations (in the same room) are equal

kindly explain ur equation