New project guidelines

What is the process flow for machine purchasing in new project?

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  1. Decide Capacity, cost range, any specific customization required
  2. Scout in public domain, float inquiries
  3. Verify if the product and price meet your requirement/expectations
  4. Get product design specifications
  5. Freeze make model
  6. Complete commercials and agree timelines
  7. Enter into technical agreement
  8. Factory inspection at vendor’s end, including any trial
  9. Qualification of machine on receipt - DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ. Vendor’s assistance in this process can be built into prior agreement.
    That should be good enough. Good luck

I strongly suggest that the DQ is done BEFORE the actual construction of the equipment, the whole idea of the DQ is to make sure that the User Reqruirements Specifications (URS) are met in the design of the equipment (as designed).

This will help you decide wether or not you should commit to that supplier/design or another; or if there are some modifications needed in the design of the equipment that can be done in a time/cost effective way, avoiding time delays and additional costs. It is all about risk management.

Here is a link to ISPE’s guidelines that include the process of definition of URS and the commisioning and qualification of equipment, to help you in this endeavor:

Baseline Guide Volume 5: Commissioning and Qualification (Second Edition)

Hope this helps!