Inprocess check

Why do we check friability ?

Friability testing is a laboratory technique used by the pharmaceutical industry to test the durability / intactness of tablets during manufacturing, packing and transit. This testing involves repeatedly dropping a sample of tablets over a fixed time, using a rotating wheel with a baffle. In simple words, friability test tells how much mechanical stress tablets are able to withstand during their manufacturing, packing, distribution and handling by the customer.

The friability tester has now become an accepted standard throughout the pharmaceutical industry
for determining the resistance of uncoated tablets to the abrasion and mechanical shock experienced in manufacturing, packing and shipping operations. Such stresses can lead to capping, chipping, abrasion or even breakage of the tablets.

The result of friability test is inspected for broken tablets, and the percentage of tablet mass lost through chipping. A typical specification will allow a non-zero percentage of chipping, and zero broken tablets.