How to keep silicone pipes

After washing how to keep silicone pipes in manufacturing area?
Is there any guidline for this?

Ask the manufacturer for storage of silicon pipes.

After washing dry the silicon tube with compressed air.close the both end by bio barrier paper.keep the silicon tube on ss stand as inverted U in autoclave during sterilization.if these tubes are used for sterilized product.silicon tube should be batch dedicated for general product but in case of cytotoxic product it should be used only one time.


Thanks for your answer .Can you help me in following points
1.If I dedicated the silicon pipe for cytotoxic products then why I need to use onetime. there any guidelines or reference available for it .It will be helpful if you share it

Cytotoxic product is very potent drug. If we use one silicone tube for many product , there will be chances of cross contamination.To prevent the cross contamination , silicone tubes/filters should be used single time. Many cytotoxic products are oily and it can not be removed easily. you can decide the amount of traces during cleaning validation of silicone tubes.

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As manoj sir said above , silicon tubes must be 1)washed with WFI and dry with 0.22 micron filtered air.
2) both open ends shall be closed with Bacterior Barrier paper
3) shall be stored in β€œU” form condition

  1. Usually product filters and silicon tubes used in batch manufacturing process cannot be of product cross contamination. Also filters almost chocks after filtration, integrity of product filter can’t be filter multiple choice is not possible.
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