Hello ... please suggest if any

We have two batches of haloperidol 5 mg and haloperidol 1.5 mg … after a few days the tablet disintegration time has increased … it is an uncoated tablet … and starch binding is used …as lubricant magnesium stearate is used…and also maize starch and lactose is used as diluent…

Respected @Mdkale
Let me know with the followings,

  1. Amount of Binder concentration used.
  2. Hardness of the tablet - initial as well as the tab with increased disintegration.
  3. The time limit you have set as per your IHS .
  4. Whether this was the first batch with increased disintegration time or any else reported.
  5. Why don’t you use super-disintegrants in your formulation which will enhance the disintegration & % Dissolution.
  6. What was the moisture content for the granules, whether it was in limit or exceeds,
    also check the moisture content for your tab with increased disintegration time.
  7. What was the primary packing material used, whether the tab was stored properly.

Hope you may get an idea by investigating with above said.

Thank you sir @R_D_SKN

You are always welcome @Mdkale