Hardness of tablets

Hardness of core tabs is 9-11 kp.
After film coating hardness decreases to 5-7 kp.
what is possible reason to decrease in hardness


It is possible that the the solvents in coating solution or moisture might have got absorbed partially in the core tablets and the tablets might not have got dried properly. Due to this tablets might have got soft after coating and hence showed less hardness than the original.


thanks well explained

Crush the tablets into powder and check for LOD before coating and after coating. That way you can come to a conclusion about how much amount of moisture is retained.

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Sometimes DT time of coated tablets is less than uncoated tablet .
What could be the reason

I think you are referring to film coated tablets. This may happen but the difference between DT should be marginal. This is not a serious concern.

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