Good documenation practice query

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I have a 3 page printed document, i need to fill up data on page 1,3 and page 2 will be left blank. I have analyzed by,checked by & approved by on all three pages.
Now, should page 2 which has no data entered into it should also be signed? or it be should have just written NA and no sign required on that page?


Aparna Jagadale

@aparnajagadale why do you want to leave the page 2 blank? If you don’t have data to enter, you should remove it.

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You should cut the page from left top to right bottom and in between Wright NA.This is good documentation practice .no page should be left blank nor you should remove any page as it is numbered and accounted.

@aparnajagadale, @biplabmishra is right, if you have already printed document having blank page then you should mark it with “Not applicable”

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Dear All,

Thank you very much for the reply


At first You should not have signed on page-2 at analyzed by and checked by persons.
In this Case, you have to strike off across the page-2 and keep a sign.
If don,t need page-2 for the analysis in all cases, permanently remove that page through change control process.

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you can strike off the page 2 write na and put ur sign along with date.for permanent removal of this page follow change control procedure.