Disinfectant validation

Good Afternoon, I would like to know about disinfectant validation. Mine is a microbiology testing laboratory with Iso Class 5, 7 and 8 areas. we perform here microbiology testing of water and product not sterile products. Can I use 70% IPA for cleaning of equipment and working bench areas, 2.5 % of dettol and savlon for floor cleaning during disinfectant validation?

Do i need to use any sporicidal agent?

Can some one help me in guiding what are disinfectants needs to be selected, concentration and their frequency of rotation in performing disinfectant validation in order to qualify?

hi @queen16
Please refer USP General Chapters: <1072> DISINFECTANTS AND ANTISEPTICS

please reply if you need more information.


2% bacillocide use for cleaning purpose, it’s is best for cleaning.

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Thank u sir for ur answer. I have gone through the USP chapter.but I need the commercial names of the disinfectant and generally used concentration for lab Cleaning.

Oxivir five 1:16 ,
Division activ,
Virex 256,
Totasep or
These are the disinfectants which are in usage by some companies regularly.

HAZ tablet with conc.4 tab/ litervwfi

4 tab/ liter water for injection