Differential pressure in area

How much differential pressure required between classified and unclassified area?

If air lock is available between classified and unclassified area then it is NLT 10 Pa otherwise NLT 15 Pa.

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As per WHO 15 pa is required for separation of grade to grade.as per ISPE 5pa for within the same grade,and 15 pa for different grade, As per ASHREE hand book 12.5 pa is required for different grade,in WHO or In ASHREE is not given about with in grade.only given to different grade only.

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we too have not raise the incident/Deviation. but, can u pls refer this lynk (pg no. 3 of 4 point no.1.2


At my point of view do the impact assesment for equipment through break down and risk mitigationfor the same.