Deviation of BMR page missing

Can anyone help me regarding a deviation of BMR page missing. Suggest me some ideas how to investigate the root cause

Please investigate in to the matter as follows,

  • Check internal system of issue of BMR by QA, If there is any deviation
  • Check if loose pages of BMR are issued by QA without proper binding / pinning / tying with thread or stpplar pins.
  • Ensure that each page bears "Controlled’ stamp and batch number written by the person who has issed the BMR
  • Verify that the master page of MBR is available for which the same BMR page is missing.
  • Check how the issued BMR is stored in production, is it a secured place.
  • Check in QA, who has issued the conrolled copy of BMR and to whom in production.
    -Interview both the persons (QA & Production about missing page of BMR)
  • Check at photocopying machine (Xerox machine), if the missing page is available near by.

Thanks for the ideas.
But what if the BMR is issued through SAP. ?

If BMR is issued through SAP software system, please check the validation of SAP system, if it is done properly. Contact software developer and the agency who has done validation. If SAP is properly validated then there could be some human error.
Therefore, investigate the relevant and applicable points from my previous communication.

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