Daily calibration of balance

Dear experts,
If plant is opening and shutting as on regular basis (no any leave or shut down of plant), but their is continuously no any production in the plant for 2.5 month (zero production due to zero market requirement).
In this case what would be filled in the log book of daily calibration of balance - Either we have to do the daily calibration of balance or no activity in plant can be shown in log book.
Because all balance are idle and not in use.
plz suggest.

No daily check is required to be performed if the balance is not used

When you restart work after shutdown end, perform daily check in this day and record it in daily check record and write in remarks column in daily check record that there was shutdown from date … to date …

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No weighing activity in plant so no balance verification/calibration.

So it means no entry in logbooks during all this period?

yes no activity no entry

In the case we can write calibration not done as plant under shutdown since… to… .
One step ahead we can make a SoP covering different type of shut downs and e.g. planned shut downs, unplanned shutdowns, and what will the criteria for calibration of status during this time. eg. packing area under planned shut down it shall be written on sop that during no packing activity will performed in the area hence no balance calibration required. Same we can do lab instruments also.


Yes You can do, If you can prepare SOP Then good, But as per my norms no need to prepare SOP ,There is no any problem, When your plant will continue, You can start scheduled calibration if Due(e.g Monthly , Quarterly ,6 monthly )and after start Daily calibration.