Covid 19 or Corona Virus

I have one query…For protection against Covid 19 we have to wash our hands frequently…So is there not any chance of Resistance develop in our body against CORONA and Any other Microbes…??

there is no chance of resistance develop in our body , only avoid the contact from corona virus. antimalarial drugs ,swine flu drug and antiviral drugs are on trial for treatment.


Note that currently Chlorine based disinfectants and Alcohol based disinfectants (70%) are the recommended disinfectants to be used in this period of new Corona virus
(WHO , CDC , European CDC , FDA , EPA , Australian department of health)

  1. Take vitamin C to increase immunity ( 2 orange daily or 4 tomato daily )
  2. Drink warm water.
  3. Infected person should inhale steam frequently.
  4. Avoid animal protein and sugar it decreases immunity.
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