Case study reason

Solve following case study
During compression of a product all parameters are ok n every thing is normal but just a single tab show variation in wt and hardness.
powder flow etc every thing is ok.
Whats the reason?

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Check the each punches Properly,
One lower punch may be loose, so this problem occurred.

any other reason?

punches are properly installed

Reverify it, one by one tablet of each punch and expected the puches issue only.


which type of issue it may be?

Following are reasons
in one case
During punch inspection length of one punch was found large or small than others(greater than recomended diff of 0.002 inches)
in another case cup depth of one punch was lower than others.
Mean defect is due to change in working length and overall length.

Means in ur company or whr u r observed this problem there is not done the inspection of the dies & punches.
If new punch set is ordered at that time before using the punches the all Punches size , shape …etc all measurements done .

yes good ques.
All paramereter are checked by but chances of human error always remain there.
As for as cup size is concerned it was exceptional case,the rejected punch was mistakenly taken.traning conducted.
As for as punch length is concerned it not necessary that variation occur in new set,variation may occure after defined number of batches are compressed.For this we have validated compressed batches data.

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