Batch numbering system va batch size

Batch numbering system, we have two BMR as stage 1, different batch size, can we assign continue batch or start from one.

Please clarify your question more precisely.
s this a drug product / formulation or API manufacturing?? What is stage 1? And different batch size?

Sir, manufacturing of intermediate product, for that we totally 4 stages, in stage one we have 3 BMR but different batch size , like 500 kg, 1400kg, 1500 ks its all live, we need assign batch no for bmr, can you assign continue numbers, or can you start from 001.

For every batch size of a product there has to be separate BMR (and Master Formula) and separate set of equipment. Bach number of that product should be in continuation like, 001, 002, 003, 004, 005 …and so on irrespective of the batch size. Batch number should not repeat.
I assume that the batch sizes of 500 Kg, 1400 Kg & 1500 Kg are of same int. product (stage-1)

For example,
Batch number Batch size Stage-1 product
001 1400 Kg A
002 500 Kg A
003 1500 Kg A
004 1500 Kg A
005 1400 Kg A
006 500 Kg A
007 1500 Kg A

Stage-2 product is B, Stage-3 product is C and final product in stage-4 is D
This is the easiest way to maintain traceability of batches of intermediate

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Thank you lot.