API In House Specification

(vijay pralhad mankape) #1

Sir I have one question pls ans
Ornidazole API is not official in BP & USP so is it possible to consider Ornidazole IP Monograph as Inhouse Specification for Export purpose.AS Such IP grade wont be acceptable for export.do we have any guideline regarding this topic.

(Ankur Choudhary) #2

Yes you can consider any IP specification as your in-house specification.

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(vijay pralhad mankape) #3

Thank you.

(K Rastogi) #4

Yes, you can use IP monograph as in house specification for export purpose. In the monograph itself in introduction part you can add source of information as IP including edition.

(vijay pralhad mankape) #5

thank you sir for sharing thoughts on this topic.