Antimicrobial efficacy

(Karim) #1

For cream form must i doing the antimicrob efficacy test

(Naief) #2

use filtration method and wash by sterilized water ,then inoculate the filter , i think it is enough

(Karim) #3

Filtration of cream is not possible with filter of 0,45micro.
Think you for your help

(Naief) #4

use diluent before filtration

(Karim) #5

Thanks but the cream is not an aqueous form
So is it necessary to do the test

(Naief) #6

dilute then pour 0.1 ml directly on agar plate

(mohamed abdelrahman ezz) #7

Before heat the container that contain cream at 45 at water bath and doing the test by pour plate method

(Karim) #8

Thanks i do it for property test but for effective antimicrobial we must inoculated the germs. So must I do it like syrup.