Airflow measurement

Hello, my name is Salih; I am production engineer. I am going to give a train to personnel. I need some information below mentioned:

1-) In sterile areas; what are important things when measure airflow?
2-) In sterile areas; how must be moved scanning tool when measure airflow? How many seconds must be waited on one point of HEPA ?
3-) What are properties who performed test HEPA s? (example: for one HEPA: DOP test takes one minute, if there are 100 HEPAs, he mustn’t finish all test before 2 hours. He must take video when he tests.)
Last one if you have videos for measuring airflow in sterile areas, is it possible share with me?

I need to find solution for these situations, if you help me, I will be very happy.

Thanks, best regards

you can study with your HVAC qualification system then after start training.