Quality Control

Friability test (6)
%RSD Failure in Gas Chromatography Instrument (1)
Dissolution and Disintegration (3)
Disintegration aparatus (3)
Tablet IPC test (10)
Difference between Loss on Dry & karl fischer moisture test (10)
In house Reference Std and EDQM Reference Std (1)
Constant veriation in LOD (1)
EP has deleted heavy metals test from API monographs but implimented elementary limits test (2)
Effect on Dissolution (4)
BP,USP standards (1)
Difference in terms (1)
Shelf life of 0.04% bromothymol blue for residue glassware test (3)
Discussion for analyst qualifications (12)
Hplc method for water soluble vitamins (4)
Shelf Life of CHemicals and Reagents (2)
Tyndalization of finished product (3)
Finished product identification test (4)
USP Chapter 31 Pathforward (1)
Perchloric acid (2)
Preparation of 0.1 M perchloric acid (1)
Related Substances (1)
Sampling booth class C gowning requirements (7)
Relative humidity (3)
In heavy metal test how to decide how much lead standard pipette out for 20 ppm and 10 ppm (3)
Restandardization of Volumetric solution (6)
Any sample Purity by Reference Standard calculation (2)
Loss on drying and sulfphated ash (2)
Volumetric solution (3)
Preparation Test / Reagent / standard solution (2)